What we do

At Beacon Foods, we pride ourselves in doing things a little differently. We prioritise quality, variety and responsible sourcing.

Firstly, all of our products are carefully sourced to reduce our ecological footprint, meaning our food is great for the planet, as well as your taste buds! We understand how important seasonality and provenance are to our customers and the availability of our products can include Welsh leeks, potatoes from Lincolnshire, Kentish Bramley apples, Hereford asparagus or Cornish carrots.

Our ever-popular garlic is specially grown for us in Spain and harvested in May and June. Like the rest of our products, it's fully traceable from the grower thanks to Authenticate supply chain mapping and our advanced Track it system.

Beacon Foods work with big and small businesses throughout the UK and Europe. We bring our delicious ingredients to all kinds of tables up and down the country; from large manufacturers to smaller independent businesses. That means that our ingredients end up in all kinds of places; major retailers, food service, quick service retail, HORECA, airlines and trains, as well as independent food companies – you name it, we're probably there!

We supply vegetarian, nut-free, clean ingredients, with no preservatives (and no artificial stuff either!). So, if you're looking for a manufacturer with a fresh approach to supplying the best ingredients, don't hesitate to give us a call.