About Us

At Beacon Foods, we’re passionate about sourcing and preparing the most delicious foods that the culinary world has to offer, from raw ingredients to expertly finished ready-to-eat products. Whether it’s raw, roasted, flame-grilled, caramelised, boiled or steamed, we pride ourselves in offering responsibly sourced, lovingly prepared foods to compliment your menu.

We prepare all of our produce from Beacon Foods HQ, a fabulous 36,000 square foot BRC Grade AA factory set in the heart of the Brecon Beacons.

Our computer-controlled ovens are capable of performing over 1000 programs, giving us precision in our cook times, temperatures and recipes. We can dry-roast, slow-roast, steam cook or set combinations – from small batches to full ovens. Our chargriller bar-marks produce to your exact specification using various speeds and flame settings, each one infuses foods with a rich caramel flavour and produces a bright, eye-catching finish.

Our brat pan can slow cook, sautee, boil, simmer and reduce, perfect for making chutneys, relishes, compotes, and caramelised zests. We have two 750kg capacity steam jacketed kettles with agitation and homogenisers, to allow us to cover a wide variety of cooking and boiling of fruits and vegetables as well as sauces, chutneys and glazes. Our kettles can reach a very high temperature rapidly with steam pressure of up to 12 bar. The DCN chart recorder allows us to log information relating to temperature changes in any cooking process, thus enabling us to keep a record of our quality assurance requirements. It’s all very clever stuff.

So, every food that we produce is flexible – allowing you to put a unique stamp on our produce and make it your own.

We supply our specialist cooked ingredients to major food manufacturers, food service industries, and small independent companies across the UK, so if you’re looking to spice up your salsa, master your marinades or perfect your pizza, don’t hesitate to give us a call, and find out what Beacon Foods can bring to your table.