The Green Bit

The earth provides us with all kinds of delicious things, so it’s important that we’re kind to it in return. At Beacon Foods, we’re pretty proud of our environmental credentials.
Greenbit Old Enough To Drink

It's good enough to drink!

In order to bring you the freshest and most delicious produce, we use a lot of water and peel and core a lot of fruit and vegetables. So, we make sure that our waste water is recycled through our membrane bio-reactor treatment plant, once treated it's then released back into the river Tarell, where the fish like to drink it.

Greenbit Bio Fuel

Bio Fuel

Our food waste is supplied to a local anaerobic digester where it is naturally broken down into methane and carbon dioxide gas and fertilizer. – How clever is that!?

Our company-wide waste reduction and recycle programs mean that Beacon Foods is fully accredited to the BS8555 Phase 2 Environmental Management System standard.

Greenbit Solar Power

So you see we're pretty serious about keeping our greens green. We look on the sunny side too; being in South Wales hasn't deterred us from fitting solar panels to our roof. These generate 10,800KWH of energy every year – enough to heat water for our tray-washing machines and make a massive dent in our gas and electric bills.

We’re constantly seeking ways to improve our green credentials and last year we reduced our landfill by 15%.