Our Packaging

Packaging machine
Packed boxes
Transported by lorry

Need single portions? Unusual batch sizes? We’re happy to help.

It’s good to be picky! Our adaptability and portion-control are one of the reasons that our customers always come back for second helpings. We’re glad to produce odd sizes, irregular weights and funny shapes. From modified atmospheric easy-open bags, to re-sealable tubs, dipping pots and sachets - just give us a call and tell us your spec.

Packaging Transport

Things have certainly moved on since 1993, these days, our dedicated fleet of temperature-controlled lorries travel across the whole of the UK, delivering chilled goods direct to you, every day.  We can also deliver frozen with a little help from our external hauliers.

For more information, please talk to one of our team today on 01874 622577

Did you know: We travel over 860,000 miles per year in our own fleet of vehicles, that’s the equivalent of travelling around the world 34 times!