New Product Development

New Products Challenge Us

Tastes change, trends come and go, but Beacon Foods continue to innovate. We understand and adjust to meet the needs of your customer – creating that desire for your product that keeps them coming back for more! Our dedicated team of industry experts is here to help you adapt quickly and meet your customers ever-changing expectations and desires.

Thanks to our technology and culinary expertise, we can offer extensive New Product Development services. Our experience has seen us develop countless bespoke products over the years for numerous satisfied clients. Whether you're looking to adapt an existing product to fit evolving consumer tastes or develop something entirely new, our dedicated team will provide the support and expertise required to make your ideas a reality!

We're here to work in partnership with you, so we can get it right first time around. So, if you're looking for something fresh to keep your customer's taste buds tantalised, look no further. At Beacon Foods, we're up to the challenge. Seriously, this is what we live for.

We produce over 5000 samples a year for our customers, supporting, advising and delivering innovation for NPD and EPD projects.