New equipment ordered to meet rising demand for product range

March 28th 2024

Beacon Foods is so pleased with new equipment installed at the company’s manufacturing plant that it has ordered more of the same to meet growing customer demand for its product range.

The Brecon-based company, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of ingredients and ready-to-eat products, has recently installed a new D C Norris 1,000 litre S2C Static jet cook kettle, DCN pump fill station and 1,000 litre DCN tumble chill. The kettle is equipped with load cells, braising bar and a steam vapour recovery system.

The equipment is used to produce high quality dips, sauces, compotes, relishes, chutneys and preserves.

After being loaded by a tote bin hoist into the vessel, ingredients are heated and cooked at fast speeds, atomising steam to extract the maximum energy. The product is then hot filled into Capkold bags and chilled to below 4 degrees Celsius in a DCN tumble chill. 

Beacon Food, which has a longstanding business relationship with D C Norris, has been that impressed by the new equipment that the company has ordered two more kettles – 1,000 and 2,000 litres - a 1,000 litre tumble chill and two 1,000 litre vacuum coolers.

“Whilst reducing costs and production times, the system is easy to use and operator friendly, produces high quality products and enhances taste, texture and appearance,” said Beacon Foods process manager Robert Sweet. “It also gives our products the added advantage of increased chilled shelf life.” 

Beacon Foods offers UK produced, bespoke recipes of ready to eat IQF (individual quick frozen) char grilled and roasted vegetables.

The company’s ingredients go into literally thousands of products, including sandwiches, ready meals, pizzas, soups, drinks and desserts. Customers include food manufacturers, food service, coffee shops, fast food chains and the travel and hospitality industries. 

Picture caption:

The D C Norris 1,000 litre S2C Static jet cook kettle.