Mushrooms Galore!

January 31st 2022

So many of the tasty vegan offerings are mushroom based and rightly so as they are packed full of vitamins, promote a healthy immune system and boost bone health. Plus they are extremely rich in umami to enhance vegetarian dishes with earthy depth.

Our range of gourmet cooked mushrooms are the perfect way to enhance a meal and elevate the flavour whilst also providing texture that some plant-based products lack.

At Beacon foods we deal with a selection of mushrooms that offer a diverse range of textures and delicate flavours for every vegetarian occasion.🍄🍄❤


Mushrooms on toast are a Beacon Foods kitchen favourite but this time we’ve gone one step further in pursuit of foodie bliss and innovation…

The medley of mushrooms are roasted with garlic, shallot, thyme and tossed in truffle dust for an aromatic taste of luxury. Insanely tasty simply served with smoked butter on toasted sourdough.  


It’s the last day of Veganuary but we are hoping that you have got "mushroom" for more…….