UK Garlic Growing Update

August 15th 2016

20160809 1258301

We are extremely proud of ourselves here at Beacon foods, as alongside our Herefordshire farmers we have harvested and dried our first UK garlic crop.  We have learnt so much about growing garlic, in terms of planting and harvesting technics it was interesting to see the different flavour profiles between varieties.  The next step is to bring the garlic into the factory here at Beacon Foods to process it and use our new Beacon scale (find out more information here) to determine accurately how strong the garlic is once processed.  We want to ensure we provide our customers with the best quality garlic products from roast garlic to garlic puree.  It will be great to see the garlic going through the factory and tasting the final product, if you would like further information on our UK grown garlic please get in touch.