Really strong garlic time after time

July 11th 2016

Being a company that really knows our garlic we like going that extra mile to keep ourselves as the leading industry experts in all things garlic.  As we don’t like things that aren’t black and white and we really like numbers and facts to back things up with, we got in touch with Oxford University and we have developed a “thingy majigy” that we like to call the “Beacon Scale”.  For those who are interested we will go into more technical blurb further on, but in simple terms our Beacon Scale Meter will tell us the strength of our garlic.  Over the past several months we have been trialling it and building up a history of garlic flavours and readings looking at different varieties, countries of origin and so on, this means that if you are producing garlic bread for instance you can be assured that we will know that the garlic you are using is to the correct flavour profile.

We have been working in collaboration with Oxford University to assess various batches and varieties of garlic over several months in order to establish whether we could develop a means of objectively (currently subjective organoleptic testing) determine the strength of garlic.

The main compound in garlic that determines its flavour is a family of organosulphur molecules.  The newly developed methodology detects and enables the strength of a given garlic sample to be determined rapidly and accurately.  The basis of this process is the quantification of the organosulphur concentration, which is achieved using an electrochemical system, where the organosulphur compounds are indirectly detected through the use of bromide.  The method has been proven to be able to cover a whole range of garlic strength and the results showed an excellent correlation with organoleptic tests. 

We are currently testing (exclusively to Beacon Foods at present) the prototype equipment for the Electrochemical Detection of the Strength of Garlic, which will enable us going forward to objectively evaluate the differences in garlic strength between varieties and seasonality.  So keep your eyes peeled!