August 22nd 2016

Bottled Juice

Our Juice-it story began in bed believe it or not!  As a keen home juicer, business owner and family man - Ed’s time is tremendously precious.  His passion for juicing at home had become quite an obsession, he quickly began to enjoy the health benefits he was seeing through juicing.  One night in bed Edwards’s active mind went into overdrive thinking about how to ensure consistency of flavour and minimise waste when it came to making Juice.  From this the Juice-it concept was born. 

Edward has created a space in the factory here at Beacon Foods to create the Juice-it concept.  Here we prepare and pack the Juice recipes so they are ready for juicing.  The juicer only needs to open the bag and juice, simple!  The pre-portioned fruit and vegetable bags will provide consistency and minimise waste when juicing! 

Here at Beacon Foods we are venturing to the Cotswolds this weekend to The Big Feastival to sell the finished Juice product to thirsty festival goers in search of a refreshing healthy juice.  Juice-it will be selling our four fantastic Juice flavours, you can find more out at www.juice-it.co.uk.  If you require any information on Juice-it or want to talk purchasing our fantastic new product, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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